Two Sub-One Minute Runs / Misc Updates

I haven’t been going for speed lately, really…just tinkering when I can. In practicing my 3×3 I’m finding I’m getting a bit frustrated. First, my cube cuts corners phenomenally but sometimes overspins and I have a hard time controlling it all on occasion. I’ve really debated getting a new 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 for the sole purpose of speed (and b/c my 4×4 sucks). However, today was my first chance to really go for time and after a few disappointing runs, I had two sub-one minute runs.

These are big deals to me, seeing as how I’d only gotten under a minute twice ever. While my 53.91 and 55.06 weren’t record-breaking times, I felt a little optimistic about moving forward. I still think F2L is where the speed-saving steps lie, I just don’t…get it yet.

A sub-50-second run sounds awful nice.

As for my 6×6, I’ve yet to solve it again in one sitting. Every time I try (getting a quiet 20 minutes to just cube is rare), I end up with pieces popping everywhere. So frustrating. The cube is breaking in…but I still face those same problems.

~ by slateman on August 30, 2011.

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