Windmill Cube Algorithms

OK, now that I’ve had some time to play around with it, the windmill cube is not the end of the world. I’m beginning to grasp how it all works and it’s looking less and less alien to me as time goes on.

The tutorial can be found here. However, it’s unclear in many ways. I’d love to make one that is easier to follow. Ultimately this only really requires about 3 new algorithms.

4: Middle Layer

Slanting Downwards (Away From You) – Move to left and…
R’ D’ R D (move cube to insert on left side now)
L D L’

Slanting Upwards (Towards Your Face) – Move to right face and…
D L D L’ D’ // R’ D’ R

5: Orient Last Layer

2 unmatched edges in F and L position:
F D L D’ L’ F’

If 2 edges are opposite each other (hold in front):
F L D L’ D’ F’

6: Position Corner (Get corner colors correct)

Find 2 Adjacent Corners that need to be swapped. Hold in the F and L position:
Twist D layer right…(?)
D L D’ R’
D L’ D’ R

If you cannot get 2 adjacent correct, do the algorithm once, then repeat.

7: Orient Last Layer Corner

Find any oriented corners.

If 3 are not oriented
If 3 corners have yellow on the right face, hold the correctly-placed yellow piece under your right thumb.
L D L’ D L D2 L’

If 3 corners have yellow on the left face, the opposite applies. Yellow under left thumb.
R’ D’ R D’ R’ D2 R

If 4 are not oriented
Find a pair on the front face that are not facing you.
R’ D’ R D’ R’ D2 R

This should orient one, then you can do the first algorithms again.

If 2 are not oriented
Find where yellow is facing you and start on the opposite side using the opposite’s algorithm.

8: Position Bottom Edges

Find a correct edge and place in back.

When looking at bottom face, to move the remaining 3 pieces counter-clockwise, do this…

R’ D’ R D’ R’ D2 – then turn cube clockwise
L D L’ D L D2 L’

Alternately, to move the remaining 3 pieces clockwise, reverse the algorithm.

L D L’ D L D2 L’ – then turn cube counter-clockwise
R’ D’ R D’ R’ D2

~ by slateman on April 1, 2012.

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