Solved…New Cube Roundup

A few months ago I had a 3-cube purchase. I got a 3x3x2, Pyraminx and Skewb. All were fun puzzles but the 3x3x2 and Skewb were more novelties than fun cubes to solve IMO. I’m interested in the bigger cubes (3x3x4/etc) but they’ll have to wait. This month’s 3-cube purchase was much better and I find myself really enjoying all three new cubes.

Void Cube
This is pretty standard fare but I’m really enjoying the color layout. I didn’t expect it to be the case but it’s cool. Dark grey opposite light grey. Yellow opposite Orange (odd!) and a light blue opposite a minty green. I thought of restickering it `but I will probably keep it. In any event, It’s a fun puzzle with just one parity issue to remember. It doesn’t turn well but I can feel it breaking in and getting more responsive.

Windmill Cube
My YJ Wheel Puzzle should just be called a Windmill Cube. This one is friggin’ strange. In some ways it’s just like a 3×3, in others it’s utter confusion. I solved it last night and had a real hard time wrapping my head around it. However, just a few algorithms and a little practice shows things aren’t as odd as I initially thought. This may be one I tinker with only rarely, but it looks awesome. I’ll have to get some algorithms on the site to help me practice ’em more.

I definitely like this. Each solve goes a bit more smoothly. It’s hard to hold and turn accurately but solving it is fun and so very similar to a 3×3. As I wrote already, I’m definitely digging this puzzle and it’s probably my favorite non-cube puzzle.

Oh, and I updated my Cube Collection with a photo of the whole lot.

~ by slateman on April 1, 2012.

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