3×3 / 5×5 Records

After my half-hour 6×6 solve (that took forever!) I figured I’d see if my new techniques would help my 5×5 time. Indeed they did! I shaved almost 1:15 off my record to get it down to 8:35.07. Quite nice!

Then, just for giggles, I tested out a 3×3 run. I failed to hit the space bar to stop the clock and so I know this one was under 51 seconds, but the official time was 51.63, a grand savings of .11 seconds. But I don’t care, it’s the second sub-minute run I’ve done and validates my practice.

The past few days I’ve been doing great. My original record of 1:05 stood for months and it itself was an anomaly; it was 10 seconds better than any other solve. Well, I broke it with another anomaly, besting my record by 14 seconds. Luck, it might seem, helped me along my path.

However, my solves this week have been spectacular. 1:10, 1:08, 1:04, 1:03…I proved that I could do this…I guess I just needed a little assistance from luck!

So, tonight, as the Yankees lost (Granderson ended game getting picked off? Foolish error!) I bested my time, got under a minute again, and have now set 3 records in one evening. Not too shabby! Now, I just wish I had a good 4×4. The official Rubik’s one is so bad. I have two and neither is good.

~ by admin on August 9, 2011.

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