Digging Megaminx!!!

The first solve of the Megaminx was not pretty. It took a while to really wrap my head around the whole lot. However, after a few solves, I’m getting the concept; it still takes me forever though. Anyways, I’m good on everything up until the last layer. Just some algorithms for quick access…

(R’ U’ R U) x2

(U’ R’ U R) x2

And for those pesky final corners…

5 Corners
R’ D R || R’ D’ R

4 Corners
R’ D R || R’ D’ R (Until no corners left, then R’ D’ R)

Quick Windmill Cube Alg…

Middle layer. Sticking out, move to left and…

R’ D’ R D (move cube to insert on left side now)
L D L’

~ by slateman on March 29, 2012.

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