New Puzzles En Route!

I’m still really enjoying my cubing hobby, particularly because I can get new things for relatively cheap. I also collect coins on the side, and I specifically like American coins. However, at this stage in the game, everything is so expensive. Therefore, my hobby is not really going anywhere. I digress. This weekend I ordered three new puzzles and I’m quite excited about their impending arrival. They are as follows…

YJ Wheel Puzzle
I haven’t really read a lot about this puzzle online. It appears to be a very interesting puzzle indeed, in some ways a 2x2x3. (I have a 3x3x2, but not something like this.) It will be my first real shape shifting puzzle, as I don’t count my 20-year-old Square-1 for some reason. It’ll be in white, never my first choice, but I didn’t see any other choice. This was cheap and I don’t expect it to be a real serious puzzle. As I can find very little about this (it differs from the Fisher Cube somewhat), I may have to make a video for this. I’m rather curious.

Lanlan Void Cube
I have one Lanlan cube, my 2×2, and I think it’s pretty solid. In searching online, I found a relatively cheap Void Cube and figured it might be novel. From what I understand there’s one issue of parity, but I think I can handle one new algorithm! It seems that Rubik’s has their own version of this cube, but it matters little. I just wanted a quick cube to tinker with. Much like my 2×2, the color configuration of the Lanlan cube looks horrible, so I may have to resticker it at some stage. Again, more of a novelty than a serious cube IMO, this may be my least exciting addition to the collection.

QJ Megaminx
Now this is what I’ve been waiting for. For the longest time I had absolutely zero interest in the ‘Minx series. However, upon researching and watching videos online, I think it should be a lot of fun. It sounds like it solves like a standard 3×3 in many ways. While I can’t really envision that, it should be a fun adventure. Of the three new puzzles coming, this is the only that I think I’ll try for speed. We’ll see how it all turns out, but I’m most excited about the Megaminx.

Everything should arrive later this week, early next week at the latest. I’m psyched. This should be a fun unboxing!!!

~ by slateman on March 25, 2012.

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