Back To Cubing: 3×3/5×5 Not Records

I was in my beloved New York for a few days and didn’t get a chance to cube at all for a good week. That kinda sucked. However, upon returning I wanted to see how poorly I’d fare. Not so bad!!!

Today I busted out a 52-second 3×3 solve. It’s a second off my record, and probably my fourth 52-second solve, but it felt good knowing I’m still right there. My skills may not really be improving much (F2L just boggles my mind), so it’s a matter of a little bit of luck in getting the elusive sub-50-second solve.

My 5×5’s stickers are all falling off, it’s rather annoying. Couple this with the difficulty in using the cube fore speed and I haven’t really messed w/ the 5×5 in a while. As the Yankees lost last night (urgh), I started again and today I figured I’d go for speed. I was surprised to see a 7:58 time, six seconds off my mark. Sure, six seconds is still a lot, but again, it’s nice knowing I haven’t lost all my skill!

~ by slateman on October 7, 2011.

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